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Are you anxious and excited to start doing FEES?

But have no clue where to start?

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Step 1: Take a basic introductory 2 day ASHA approved CEU course.

Step 2: Once you’ve taken the basic course, you will need to follow up with a mentor to perform supervised passes until you’ve achieved the ASHA clinical competencies for FEES.

Step 3: If you’re wanting to start your own FEES practice, apply for the FEES Biz Blueprint course to get ALL the information and support necessary to be successful in this endeavor.

Request To Apply For The FEES Biz Blueprint!!

An online course for SLPs who want to start or scale their own profitable and sustainable mobile
FEES business.

FEES Biz Blueprint Course Application Request Form

Disclaimer: We only accept SLPs in areas where we are not currently working with someone else to avoid conflict of interest and
fully support our current students.

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