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I’m Theresa Richard. I’ve been a medical speech pathologist for 15+ years, I’m a Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders, and I’m incredibly passionate about evidence-based practice and equally considering patient preferences with clinical experience and research.

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Why I Recommend Medbridge for High Quality SLP CEUs

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Blog

“So Theresa, why are you always promoting Medbridge’s membership site?”

Easy, it is what I believe to be the LARGEST resource of HIGH QUALITY CEUs for our field that covers ALL things SLP.

I know that’s quite the statement, but I truly believe it.

You see, I work in skilled nursing facilities where sometimes the SLPs haven’t had the strongest medical background (shamelessly raising my hand here), or they switched from the schools, or the reality is that our field is changing so dang rapidly and warp speed that its another full time job keeping up with the new research! And then *NOTHING* grinds my gears more than when I hear an SLP who is now working in the SNFs saying they are still listening to their phonemic awareness CEUs because that’s what they currently have access to. We owe a lot more to our patients than that! (Hello ASHA Code of Ethics!)

So back to Medbridge, they have it *ALL* – dysphagia, aphasia, dementia, voice, cognitive-communication, and of course pediatrics! They have courses on language, AAC, articulation, etc. So if you are one of the SLPs that likes to dip their toes in several different therapy pools, you are able to keep up with the latest and greatest all in 1 place!

How would you like to have the highest quality of CEUs at your fingertips to start implementing with your patients today?

I know most of my blog posts are chock full of info, as I believe whole-heartedly in spreading *FREE* knowledge and education to my colleagues, but there is 1 thing that our license *requires* us to pay money for, and that is our annual CEUs.

Now, I try not to spend a ton of money on CEUs either because I am a wife and a mother on a budget, but I do believe in getting the absolute highest quality CEUs that will educate me to provide the best outcomes for my patients. Basically, I want to get the most bang for my buck!

Since I released the Swallow Your Pride Podcast a few months ago, Medbridge Education has been a HUGE supporter in helping me keep the podcast free to all of you. They have offered ALL listeners a discounted rate of $95 for their unlimited CEU library full of dysphagia, aphasia, dementia, voice, cognitive-communication, and of course pediatrics, presented by some of the best researchers in our field, with most of them being ASHA Fellows!

Since I think their *PREMIUM* plan is the next best thing since sliced bread, they are giving you this free premium plan upgrade for the price of the basic plan at $95, which is regularly $320. (Promo Code SYP)

“So Theresa, why are you always promoting Medbridge's membership site?” Easy, it is what I believe to be the LARGEST resource of HIGH QUALITY CEUs for our field that covers ALL things SLP. #slp #medbridge #ceu

What’s so great about the *PREMIUM* plan you ask? Well on top of unlimited CEUs and LIVE webinars, you also get:

– FREE patient handouts – How many times have we tried to look up pictures on the internet or draw embarrassing stick figure and diagrams to show our patients what the heck is happening? Click print, hand to patient, full explanation already done for you.

– A mobile app – What’s so great about that? Well, that means you can access your CEU courses anytime, anywhere, listen to them in the car, watch them while you’re waiting for your kids at soccer practice, listen to them at lunch, they make it insanely convenient to obtain high quality education (My kind of people!)

– A Home Exercise Builder – This thing really is the coolest thing I’ve ever played with. Are you an SLP with high productivity demands? Does it crush you to see your SLP spending precious time gathering materials, googling exercises, making exercise plans for your patients? With the home exercise builder, you click all the dysphagia exercises you want the patient to do and either email it to them or click print. Takes about 10 seconds with FULL explanations and diagrams all set for your patients to do.

– Additionally, there is a patient app! You plug in the exercises that you chose from the home exercise builder, your patient goes home, pulls it up on their phone and they have all of the exercises listed out with full color videos and explanations of how to properly execute it. Furthermore, they have notifications to *REMIND* your patients to do their exercises! How great is that?!?

If you want to see a small sample of all of this in motion, head over to Medbridge for a super exclusive sneak peak just for SYP listeners 😉

You get all of this for $95. That’s like 15 Starbucks for hundreds of CEUs and high quality materials already done for you, (actually like 3D model high quality type materials.)

The offer for the free upgrade to the premium plan expires December 31, but the membership is good for 1 calendar year, so you can work on CEUs this year AND next year! Win Win!

Full Disclaimer: I do get a small commission when you use promo code SYP, it helps to keep the podcast for *FREE* to you!