Want To Feel A Boost In Your Medical Speech Pathology Career?

Inner Circle Leadership Group

An 8-month group coaching program for medical speech pathologists who want more respect and a higher income.

Joining the Inner Circle Leadership Group will help you:

  1. Carve a clear path to a higher income
  2. Clarify the steps to leadership as a private practitioner
  3. Communicate your true value to doctors, nurses and administrators
  4. Circumvent roadblocks to acquiring the equipment you need
  5. Create a higher-budget proposal for more resources
  6. Consider new workplace options that suit you better
  7. Cement your ability to have a more powerful impact on your patients

Inner Circle Leadership Group will give you the roadmap for a more fulfilling and lucrative career as a medical speech pathologist.

I’ve helped dozens of your colleagues and I’m ready to help you too.

Success Stories

Almost two years ago, I was in a rut. Frustrated. Spinning my wheels. Professionally, I felt super alone.

I had just started my little private practice and among my frustrations was a serious lack of quality dysphagia imaging in my area. So I decided to join a few Facebook groups and ask for advice. 

It was in one of these groups that I ran across Theresa Richard. It quickly became apparent that she was a person who was knowledgeable about FEES, which was an option I was interested in. 

At the time, I didn’t feel like I was “good” enough or “ready” to bring FEES to my area. Those kinds of things were what “other” SLPs did. Not me. 

However, I ended up approaching Theresa with my problems and frustrations and found not just a willing ear, but someone who saw beyond my self-imposed limitations and quickly identified the potential that was hiding inside of me. 

Theresa could easily have just answered my questions and moved on with life, but she took the time to REALLY listen to my issues and call me out on my BS. She gave me the swift kick in the rear end I needed, believed in my ability to grow beyond my self-imposed limitations, and became one of my biggest cheerleaders as I overcame my fears and started my mobile FEES business. 

Since then, Theresa has continued to encourage me to explore my passion for educating others, taught me to acknowledge to myself that I’m worthy of success, and has shown me how to find the leader that was hiding inside my soul this whole time. 

Because of Theresa’s guidance, I’m now on the road to a multiple-six-figure income, whereas before I had been stuck at $42,000.

I now find myself in a position where, for the first time in my life, I am starting to truly believe that the world is my oyster. I’m beyond excited about my career trajectory and my plans for the future and am so incredibly thankful for Theresa Richard’s mentorship every single day! 

Hillary Cooper

Owner of North Louisiana Swallowing Solutions

Before I joined Theresa’s Inner Circle Leadership Academy, I felt stagnant, frustrated, and burnt-out. Not just professionally, but personally. 

Theresa helped me see through the nonsense and get out of my own way. Her mentorship and the monthly calls with professionals have allowed me to gain confidence in my clinical skills, become more business savvy, and gain a positive mindset.  

Since joining, I’ve accomplished more in a few months than I even thought possible for my whole career. I started a private practice, began selling products online that help SLPs provide functional therapy, I was hired as an independent contractor for Tactus Therapy, and most importantly, I have aligned myself with success. Not only do I feel happier, but I am earning more income – enough to cover my investment into the ICLA and then some!  

Theresa and my fellow ICLA members helped me see my true value as a Speech-Language Pathologist, a business woman and a person. This program has been invaluable to me and I am excited to see where else I go from here.

Katie Brown

Speech Language Pathologist

Ready to get your own version of success?