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May 5th

Sydney Schumacher – Interpreting chest imaging with it's relation to Dysphagia – Handout

Michelle Bruno – CF in Medica; (SNF) Setting

May 6th

Will Farnham – “I met an SLP who tried to test me once: Making use of dynamic assessment, counseling strategies, medical history, and the interdisciplinary team for effective patient advocacy and treatment” – Case Study | Slides


Jen Biener – “Dysphagia in Adults with Developmental Disabilities.”

Case Studies | Slides

May 7th

Maggie Donaker – “Going From Mad to Rad : Standard Protocols for Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies”


Taylor McDonald –  “Strategies to improve swallowing and intake with dementia patients in skilled nursing facilities”

Slides Handout

May 12th

Sydney Schumacher, “Speaking valves: assessment, treatment, clinical implications” – Case Study | Slide Handouts

Maurice E. Goodwin, “Securing that coveted Medical SLP CF position” – Slide Handouts

May 13th

Mallory Moore, “Using Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA) and Phonological Component Analysis (PCA) in functional treatment” – Case Study | Slides Handout

Shira Wachtel, “Swallowing Intervention in the Head and Neck Cancer Population” – Slides Handout

May 14th

Kara Jones, “Wired Jaw & Dysphagia” – Handouts

Lauren Hermann, “Going from Mad to Rad: Set yourself up for success with radiologists during videofluoroscopic swallow studies.” – Resource Sheet | Slides Handout

May 19th

Laura Randen, “Navigating Dysphagia in the SNF setting as a new grad.” – Slide handouts | Case Study

Little snippets on advocating for instrumentals, dementia, oral care, quality of life, and building staff relationships.

Nathalie Lebrun & Vanessa Brossart, “SLP’s role in the assessment and treatment of teens and young adults”

Slide Handouts

May 20th

Mallory Moore, “Choosing and using external memory aids in acute rehabilitation” Handouts | Case Studies

Hillary Cooper, “All About Thickeners and Dysphagia” – Handouts

May 21st

 JoAnn Vela, “Evaluating components of cognitive communication” – Handouts

Kelsey Day – Dysphagia Detectives: Interdisciplinary Investigation of Idiopathic Dysphagia

May 26th

Courtney Heitz, “Videoswallow vs. FEES” – Slides

Mattie Murrey Tegels, “Surprising Mistakes CFYs Make” – Slides

May 27th

Sarah Dougherty, “Pediatric SLP insights for family coaching via teletherapy” – handout

Allison McGee, “Strategies for Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Communication in SNFs with a quick intro into PDPM” – Handout

May 28th

JoAnn Vela, “Tips and Tricks for Person Centered Therapy” – Handouts

Laura Reeger, “Alternative Access Considerations for AAC” – Handouts

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