An online course for SLPs who want to start their own mobile FEES business, provide a much needed service for their colleagues and patients, and take back control of their schedule and income.

Do you dream of having your own business, and being in charge of your own career?

Do you dream of making your own schedule?

Do you dream of a land of no productivity?

Do you love working with patients with dysphagia and want to continue to help them improve?

 What if I told you that you could… 

 Start your own business with just a few hours per week?

Attract the right professionals who will become raving and referring fans?

Authentically stand out and become the go-to mobile swallow study service in your area?

Here’s the deal, you can achieve all of this with the very strategic and systematic:

You see, I’ve spent about 5 years and $50,000 of my own money to figure all of this out. I’ve hired more business consultants, marketing gurus, and attorneys than I care to admit. But now I want to share the streamlined version with you.

I want to be able to teach you everything I know and everything that has made me successful.

You see, successful people help great people become successful people by just helping them get started.

Starting out from square 1 can be oh so intimidating, but I’ve put a set of systems in place to help you get those contracts.

I have benchmarks to help you reach your target professionals, and once you reach those professionals, you move on to the next system.

It’s very deliberate and methodical with a high level of specificity. 

I get calls all the time from SLPs saying,

“I just can’t seem to get a contract, I’m thinking of just selling my equipment.”

And when I start probing, they had no set of systems in place, they were playing marketing tactical hell, and they had no understanding of the billing processes and how to relay that on to their colleagues.

I can give you the information you need, but you don't need more information.

Information rarely changes behavior.

You need a system to help you implement the tactics with ongoing support along the way.

There’s going to be bumps, but as your trusted advisor, we’re going to methodically work through them.

Who is the FEES Biz Blueprint for?


SLPs who are passionate about evaluating swallowing disorders appropriately. If you’re sick of the mundane, mediocre, craptastic studies and reports that are floating around, this course will help you fill that void.


SLPs who want their own career. You want to provide quality service to your patients, and make appropriate recommendations for your fellow SLPs. You’re ready for strategies that actually get you there instead of googling solutions for hours on end.


Super busy SLPs! You’re busy with a job, family, or other obligations and you’d LOVE to find a system that showed you exactly how to start and run a mobile FEES company (so you could spend more time doing things you love with people you love!).

Who is the FEES Biz Blueprint *NOT* for?



SLPs who want to get rich quick. This program isn't for people who think that buying a course will suddenly help them earn millions. You have to put in the work to see the results. This business does have incredible potential with an extremely large ROI, but you have to do the work.


SLPs who aren't interested in more income, freedom, and flexibility. If you are satisfied in your current job, and enjoy working 40 hours per week for a large company, then this may not be the best fit for you.

Are you ready for the FIRST do-it-yourself, at-your-own-pace, with lifetime access mobile FEES business course?

Requests to apply for The FEES Biz Blueprint, an online course for SLPs who want to start their own mobile FEES business, are now being accepted!